Becoming a client of Kenkel Law Office is relatively simple. We need to speak with you first to determine whether or not your needs are within the scope of the services we provide and to be sure that we don't have a conflict of interest. You will then make an appointment, usually by calling. Please click on the contact page for that information.

At the first appointment we will discuss your problem in greater detail, outline what both the lawyer and the client need to be doing, set some initial goals, decide on some time frames and discuss how much it will cost.

Many routine legal services such as preparing wills, real estate transactions, and minor disputes can be dealt with in one or two appointments. We strive to be as efficient as we can to save both of us time.

If you decide to send us an e-mail, please understand that this method of communicating is not secure, and is therefore not subject to the attorney-client privilege. E-mail should only be used for routine exchanges that do not matter if publicly disclosed. Sending an e-mail to Kenkel law office does not create the attorney-client relationship it is no assurance that this office will represent you.

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