Have No Fear

Some people don't go to a lawyer because they are afraid of the cost. Kenkel Law Office doesn't want you to stay away because of that fear. All fee questions will be answered before you are charged. We believe you'll find that most legal services are affordable. Often it costs more to wait while a problem grows, becoming more difficult and expensive to deal with. Never be embarrassed to ask how much something costs; including legal services. You can't be smart when buying legal services unless you know how much it's going to cost.

Types of Fees


  • Fixed fee. In this arrangement we meet and decide what work the lawyer will do, exactly what the charges will be and how and when they will be paid. This is a common payment arrangement for real estate transactions, probate work, and preparation of wills. It's the best understood and the one we favor.
  • Hourly fee. Sometimes it's impossible to know exactly what needs to be done. In that case, we meet and discuss what is expected, what the hourly rate will be, how often you will be billed and an estimate of total costs. This fee arrangement is the least preferred.
  • Contingent fee. In some cases (like automobile accidents) the attorney will agree to take the case and collect a legal fee only if the client wins and is paid by the other party. This is usually a percentage of the total amount recovered by the client. If the client doesn't get paid, neither does the lawyer. Kenkel Law Office doesn't do much of this type of work.
  • Advancements. Often we are required to pay expenses on behalf of a client such as filing fees, sheriff's fees, extraordinary printing or long-distance charges and things of that type. You are expected to reimburse us for those out-of-pocket expenses. These are in addition to the fixed, hourly or contingent fee. We always make an estimate of necessary advancements.

If you are confused about fees, ask!

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